PF 115 alkyd enamel is intended for painting metal, wood and other surfaces indoors and exposed to atmospheric influences.

Drying time up to – 24 hours at t + 20 ± 2 ° C. The recommended number of layers is 2-3.

The consumption for a single-layer coating is 100 – 180 g / m², without taking into account the complexity of the surface to be painted, the application method, the color of enamel, the qualifications of personnel and other factors.


Широкий выбор

Enamel is a varnish-based pigment suspension, which after application forms a thin coat of coatings of various textures. Enamel serves as a protective and decorative coating for products made from a wide variety of building materials: wood, metal, concrete, etc.
Having good physical and mechanical properties such as hardness, strength and elasticity, enamel is able to permanently protect the surfaces of products from exposure to negative factors. Some types of enamels are not at all afraid of the influence of highly aggressive substances, for example oils, gasoline, etc.