Designed for exterior and interior painting of buildings and structures on brick, concrete, plastered, plasterboard, wood and other porous surfaces (except floors), on primed metal surfaces. Suitable for medical facilities and rooms with constant high humidity (bathrooms, pools, showers, etc.). Environmentally friendly. The recommended number of layers is 2. Drying time is 1 hour at t + 20 ± 2 ° C.



  • tinted in any color
  • abrasion class 1
  • resistant to washing with mild detergents and disinfecting
  • low water absorption W3
  • high adhesion to mineral surfaces
  • high hiding power
  • pollution resistant
  • eco friendly
  • temperature resistant
  • frost resistant

Широкий выбор

Aqueous emulsion paint is a water-based film-forming material with an emulsion of polymer components – polyvinyl acetate, styrene-butadiene, polyacrylate and others. It is distinguished by excellent operational properties, environmental friendliness and fire safety.