Primer GF-021 is designed for priming metal and wooden surfaces under coatings with various enamels. Packing 250 kg, 200 kg, 25 kg.


  • Gray
  • Red brown

Широкий выбор

A primer is a composition applied by the first layer to a surface prepared for painting or finishing to create reliable adhesion of the upper (covering) layers of the coating to the surface being treated and to level its absorbency. Primers are distinguished from coloring compositions by a lower content of pigments, as well as by the presence of a special component – the base.
In addition, primers can perform other functions: protect metal from corrosion, “reveal” the wood texture, block pores and other defects of the painted surface, and also provide adhesion adhesion in the corrosion protection systems of metal, wood and concrete), and also protect surfaces from mold and fungus