LAC PF-283, 2.7 KG.

Designed for coatings on oil paints, wood and metal surfaces used indoors.

Surface preparation: the wooden surface is pre-cleaned with sandpaper and cleaned of dust, the metal surface is cleaned of contaminants (grease and others), rust, scale.

Coating: before use, the varnish is thoroughly mixed and, if necessary, diluted with nefras, turpentine or a mixture of turpentine with white spirit in a ratio of 1: 1.

Apply varnish to the surface with a spray gun or brush.

The drying time of each layer at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ° C is 36 hours.

The varnish consumption for a single-layer coating is 70 – 75 g / m².

Широкий выбор

Varnishes are solutions of resins (natural or synthetic) in various solvents to a liquid or semi-liquid consistency, which, drying out in a thin layer on any object, form a strong film (usually transparent, unlike paint), well opposed to various external physical and chemical influences.